Taco Bill Celebrates Selling 50 Million Tacos by Giving Them Away Free!


Taco Bill is the oldest family of Mexican restaurants in Australia. ‘Taco Bill’ Chilcote moved to Australia from the border of Mexico and California with just a corn grinder and a tortilla machine and he opened the first Taco Bill restaurant on the Gold Coast in Queensland in 1967. With the help of CEO, Tom Kartel this led to rapid growth into what is now an iconic brand across Australia.

Mr. Kartel arrived in Australia in the late 1980’s from Iran and although he was unable to speak any English, he took an opportunity to work in the Taco Bill kitchen in South Melbourne and from these humble beginnings is now the CEO and shareholder of the company. Since taking on ownership and a major role with the company, Mr. Kartel has spearheaded the company’s growth and helped business owners from different walks of life succeed like he did himself.

Last year, Taco Bill celebrated its 50th birthday and as part of the festivities, Taco Bill restaurants across Australia gave away two free tacos to every dine-in customer. This year, Taco Bill has another milestone to celebrate: the sale of over 50 million tacos in Australia in 50 years.

“I am extremely proud of what we have achieved as a national Mexican restaurant company” Mr. Kartel said earlier today.

“We were the first to incorporate Mexican food into the Australian way of life, with our fresh quality produce and authentic Mexican recipes.”

“To celebrate, we want to give back to our loyal community of customers who have stood by us and allowed Taco Bill to grow into the thriving family of restaurants we are today. Not only have we recently reached 50, we are now celebrating a new milestone of selling 50 million tacos.”

“Our recipes are from our Mexican family kitchen and we have distinctive flavours that our customers have come to love and enjoy,” Mr. Kartel added.

“When we first started there were so many challenges! The only people who had really experienced Mexican food were those who had travelled. Nobody had been exposed to this type of cuisine in Australia before, it was unique.”

“We have grown significantly across Australia and we encourage everyone who loves a Mexican feed and maybe a frozen margarita to visit us in store on the 22nd of March to receive two free tacos!”

“That’s right. We are giving away two free hard shell tacos to every single person, young and old, who dines in with us on the 22nd of March. Choose from chicken, beef or bean for dinner time at any Taco Bill location.”’

“We have come so far from the original restaurant on the Gold Coast in 1967. Back then we were the only Mexican restaurant in Australia. Taco Bill has grown into a household name that is known for its fresh ingredients and delicious food so it’s only fair we celebrate our latest milestone so everyone can get the chance to experience tasty and authentic Mexican food for free.”