More global expansion for Aussie Franchise Group


Franchised Food Company (FFCo) continues its jet-setting journey across the globe, getting ready to take its iconic Aussie brands to the Indian marketplace. After its popular Cold Rock Ice Creamery expanded into Asia late last year, launching stores in Ho Chi Minh City, the Melbourne based company has its sights set on wider continent expansion – with the potential for a Master Franchisee to take the reins and operate the six FFCo brands locally.

Symbolising another huge win for the franchise group, the move comes after Franchised Food Company Founder and Managing Director, Stan Gordon was invited to be a Guest of Honour and Keynote Speaker at the Master Franchise Show held at the Eros Hotel, New Dehli, between 13 – 14 June 2015.

Showcasing international franchise groups, trends and franchise development services across the retail, food and drink, financial and healthcare sectors, the premier business show offers potential business owners the chance to learn about renowned franchise groups and their opportunities for the local market.

Sharing his successes and knowledge of the industry as part of his address, Gordon suggests local interest in the parent company’s six iconic Aussie brands – Cold Rock Ice Creamery, Pretzel World, Nutshack, Mr Whippy, Trampoline Gelato and Europa Coffee drive-thru – was clearly evident, and expects a few of the brands will   have a presence on the Indian food scene very soon.

Franchised Food Company Managing Director Stan Gordon says the move into another global market further emphasises the company’s strong growth and agility in the international arena.

“The international move for FFCo and its brands even more so positions us as a global player. We know the FFCo brands will create a whole new offering for us when adapted for the India consumer, which marks an exciting achievement and further development for us.

“We are particularly good at customising and adapting our products to local taste palates, while still retaining the intrinsic Aussie ‘fun treats’ brands; the concepts, the theatre, the accessibility for consumers and the overall treat experience. We’re looking forward to sharing our well-known and loved brands with our neighbours,” he added.

Gordon suggested Australia’s cultural diversity and superior cultural understanding cemented his thinking that the Australian brands should join their American competitors in the aspirational Indian marketplace.

The announcement comes as the Melbourne based group is set to expand the Pretzel World brand overseas, with stores confirmed to open in Dubai in the coming months. Watch this space!

FFCo was founded by Gordon in 2009 to house the various interests of the variety of food brands. The company is proudly 100% Australian-owned and is the country’s biggest multi-brand franchisor, now with an estimated 130 stores across six brands nationwide and internationally.

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