Franchising with the Lott!


Franchising with the Lott! – a customer-focused business

Are you a customer-focused operation looking to grow your business with a franchisor who believes in putting the customer’s experience first? If so, franchising with the Lott – Australia’s Official Lotteries could be for you!

The Lott offers Australia’s official lottery games from NSW Lotteries, Golden Casket, Tatts and SA Lotteries. This includes games like Saturday Lotto, Monday & Wednesday Lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball and Instant Scratch-Its, which give customers the chance to dream big every day.

Investing in a franchise with the Lott gives you the potential to increase revenue, provide opportunities for staff development and join a strong customer-focused Australian retail network that has been operating for more than a century.

A franchise from the Lott is the perfect complement to a range of small businesses, including convenience stores, convenience supermarkets, pharmacies, tobacconists, newsagencies and more.

Mannum Green IGA Fresh supermarket in South Australia is one of the small businesses that introduced a franchise from the Lott.

The owner Samantha Luck said by adding a franchise with the Lott to her convenience store, she began to see an increase in customers repeatedly visiting her store.

“Lotteries has undoubtedly increased the repeat customers returning to our store each week,” she said.

“It has added another opportunity for us to interact with our customers.

“The addition of the new kiosk has added a chance to show our wow factor when customers enter the store.”

This sentiment is something that other franchisees with the Lott echo, such as Kellie from Supanews Erina Corner in New South Wales.

“Lotteries brings new customers into our store and our staff love to interact with them,” she explained.

“They love to tell them all about the new and exciting products that lotteries offer.

“The new lotteries retail image was just what we needed to revamp and improve the quality of our customer experience.”

In 2019, the Lott announced its plans to launch a new retailer remuneration model, which focuses on seamless shopping experiences for customers as well as performance based remuneration, which gives each franchisee the potential to earn bonus commission if they achieve required results.

The Lott’s new program is subject to regulatory approval and a small price increase in some lottery games.

It is unable to be introduced to South Australian retailers at this stage. The Lott is currently working with regulators and government to define the approach so that South Australian retailers may be included in the future.

These changes come as the Lott is introducing a range of exciting new initiatives, including free membership and faster access by winners to their prizes.

For any small business owners thinking of becoming a franchisee with the Lott, these customer and retailer focused changes will mean you have the opportunity to join Australia’s largest retail franchise network and an industry-leading franchise business.

For more information on franchising with the Lott and the Retailer Remuneration Program please contact or