Women in Franchising


Women in Franchising

Investing in a franchise offers women a platform to take control of their careers, creates job security and most importantly offers the ultimate work/life balance.

There are a range of benefits to owning and operating your own franchise, and for women the benefits tick all the right boxes, enabling women to create a strong successful career and still be home in time to pick up the kids, if needed.

Women are ambitious, strong and independent and for many, regardless of the success of their careers, once they have children they need to look at options to accommodate their growing family. There are many options available, do they simply cut back on their hours – therefore sacrificing their salary – or do they look for a new job in a whole new industry to find a more suitable role? It can be a difficult time adjusting to the new changes, what works for the boss or industry, may not exactly work for them and their new commitments.

Women are also highly committed, it’s not unusual to know of women that have worked for years at the same job, have climbed the corporate ladder and achieved their set goals on a regular basis. Once they’ve reached the top, they then become complacent and are left feeling unchallenged and unmotivated in their career. Sound familiar?

Women possess the key skills required to run a successful business, they can multi task, delegate, co-ordinate and manage their time well. Many hold the dream of being their own boss and for some it would be their ultimate career change to run their own business and say ‘I quit’ to their day job. However, many hold doubts on where to start, what capital will they need and have no idea where to even start with the set-up of their new business, let alone how to market or promote themselves when ready.

This is where investing in a franchise offers a platform for maximum growth. Today, we are spoilt for choice, depending on your preferred career path the industry is flowing with fresh and unique business opportunities for consideration. The great part is that regardless of the industry, women will be provided with a full set of tools, training, support and a complete business model for them to add their personal touch and to make it their own.

A woman will personalise the brand, whilst abiding to the brand’s uniformed guide, this is a natural trait that women hold and their success within their designated district will shine as a result.

In a male dominant industry, more and more women are coming on board and starting to shine through as smart business savvy individuals. This is also evident in not only women investing in a brands franchise, but also for women who have decided to franchise their own small business, taking it to new heights. It is very common for women to consider franchising their own successful business as a means of reaching out to assist similar, like-minded women to replicate their success.

When women recruit women to represent their brand, they look for a particular skill set and will find that once they’ve found the right candidate they will be committed and be a part of the bigger picture. This not only forms a unique bond, but a team of determined and strong women. A powerful force guaranteed to succeed through their joint hard work, dedication and commitment. Women are powerful independently, but once joined as a force they will set a new standard of unstoppable and bring their families along for the ride.

The family support of a woman is paramount to their growth and balancing their many roles. Although women are usually the family member most likely to juggle a full schedule within their professional and personal life, the full support of her family will make the process much smoother. A franchise system offers endless support, and when backed with family support the franchisee and business will go from strength to strength.

Here are some of the reasons why more women should consider becoming a franchisee as their next career change:


Regardless of where a career began, within the franchising industry there are many businesses available to women across a full range of industries. Women will simply need to evaluate their strengths and find an industry to match. Researching each individual company within an industry will offer a greater insight of the business model and requirements for success.


Job security is a huge concern for many women, by investing in a franchise job security is almost guaranteed. Women will be able to take charge of their careers and to create a stable income with the backing and support of the brand they represent.


Working the 9-5 grind can make it difficult to find a suitable work/life balance. Women can choose to run their business on a full-time, part-time or even casual basis if preferred.

They can recruit staff and create a greater balance with a flexible roster to suit. The great part is that women are not restricted when they are their own boss and once backed by a skilled team of staff, their business will continue to succeed without the requirement of a full time commitment from the business owner.


As the brand grows, so does the franchised business. A well recognised brand promotes trust and familiarity from consumers.

Potential clients will research a brand and tend to lean towards the companies that are well recognised in the media and the likes. They will place their trust in the brand and this will ensure the growth of each franchised territory.

Training and Support

Women will adapt to their new environment and feel confident once they’ve received their training. The ongoing support to their new business model will ensure the ongoing success of their business and keep their finger on the pulse at all times.

For women that are ready for a new challenge and are committed hard workers, perhaps consider pouring all of the energy of working for a boss into your own franchise and reaping the full rewards of being a strong, independent franchise business owner in your preferred industry.

Nina Rosace | CEO
Home Sorted!

Nina Rosace is the founder and CEO of Home Sorted!. When people’s homes are organised, they are more productive and feel in control. She has made it her business to sort homes for over 14 years and has recently franchised the business as a means of helping busy families Australia wide.

For more information, contact Nina via:

1300 30 11 77